"Suishenma Code" Helps Epidemic Control in Agricultural Trade Markets 2020-07-08

In order to further implement the requirements of the epidemic control in Shanghai’s agricultural trade markets and improve the measures on controlling inbound people infected with the epidemic and preventing from rebound of the domestic epidemic, the Qingpu District Government Affairs Office and the Qingpu District Commerce Committee, based on the region’s actual situation, have used the big data and expanded the application of the "Suishenma QR Code" upon considering the current epidemic situation. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the contactless check service of "Electronic Code Scanning" was implemented in Sanyuanhe Food Market in Qingpu District, which injected a strong shot into the epidemic control of the agricultural trade markets.

"Suishenma QR Code" is a portable service code created by the "Handling All Online" mechanism of Shanghai by using the big-data-supported in-depth analysis and calculation. As a new carrier for the government to serve the public, it can measure three risks indicated with red, yellow and green. It is a real and valid electronic identity certificate for citizens. Huge people influxes and mixed crowds in the markets is undoubtedly the focus and difficulty of the current epidemic control. The QR code scanning is adopted for the people entry-exit management, so as to guard the food markets’ entries and exits and continuously improve the safety, convenience and accuracy of the epidemic control.

Intelligent verification, reliable and safe. With the support of the big-data analysis, the "Suishenma QR Code" calculates the 3 risks indicated with red, yellow and green for each citizen. The market managers can complete the health check of the people by QR code scanning, which greatly reduces the risk of cross infection.

QR Code scanning for entering the market, fast and convenient. When market managers, operators and traders enter or leave the market, they only need to show the "Suishenma QR Code" and scan the QR code at the entrance and exit, and the system will automatically get the identity information, so as to reduce the information registration work of the epidemic control staffs and improve the entry-exit efficiency of the markets.

Risk tracing, efficient and accurate. After the "Suishenma QR Code" is scanned, the system will get the personal details and automatically summarize and analyze the statistics. If there are suspected risks, the target people will be locked after quickly referring to the video monitoring system of the markets, which contributes to realize the accurate control of the epidemic.

Next, the contactless check service will gradually cover all the markets in Qingpu, in a bid to strengthen the management of the agricultural trade markets, continuously build a strong epidemic control network, and protect the health of the public.