Blueberries ripe for picking in Qingpu District 2021-06-17

Blueberries grown in Qingpu District, Shanghai, have ripened and the picking season will run through July 10.

Visitors are being invited to pick the fruit and enjoy making blueberry ice cream and planting blueberries during the season, according to the district government.

A summer bazaar featuring fresh blueberries is part of the season's activities.

The main venue is Qingpu Modern Agriculture Park, which has 800mu(533,600 square meters) of blueberry fields. Located in Liantang Town, it has a blueberry culture experience garden.

The park also features a green rice processing and storage center and an agricultural waste treatment center. Some 1,000muare used to grow grapes, peaches and organic vegetables.

Organizers expect more than 18,000 visitors during the picking season.