Construction starts on Qingpu's new public health center 2021-07-29

Construction of Qingpu District's public health center started recently, a project that will enhance the district's public health facilities and improve its disease prevention and control system.

Covering more than 35,300 square meters with an investment of 449 million yuan (US$69.4 million), it will comprise a disease prevention and control center, a health monitoring center, an emergency rescue center and an emergency direction center.

It will serve as a public health management center incorporating infectious disease monitoring, chronic disease prevention management, handling of public health emergency incidents, emergency rescue, health monitoring and checks, and public health information network, according to the district government.

It will also have laboratories for microbiological tests.

The comprehensive public health center is located on Songrun Road near Huqingping Highway. Construction is scheduled to take 767 days.

Construction of the center, an important program of Qingpu New City, is of great significance in enhancing the district's public health capability and ensuring public security, said Sun Ting, deputy director of Qingpu District.

It will lift the district's capability to monitor big infectious disease hazards and respond to emergency public health incidents, the district government said.