Qingpu signs agreement on building new children’s hospital campus 2021-08-03

Qingpu on Thursday signed an agreement with the Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center and Shanghai Children’s Hospital to set up a new campus for the hospital in the district.

The new campus of Shanghai Children’s Hospital will raise the overall level of medical service in the suburban district and benefit more children in the neighboring areas of the Yangtze River Delta region, Zhao Huiqin, Party secretary of Qingpu, said at the signing ceremony.

The Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center will make all efforts to push forward the project in order to provide service for children in need as soon as possible, Wang Xingpeng, director of the center, said.

The new campus, named the Yangtze River Delta Demonstration Zone Medical Center of Shanghai Children’s Hospital, will be set up in Zhujiajiao Town with a land area of 52,000 square meters, or the size of more than seven standard soccer fields. The total construction area of the center is designed as 115,400 square meters.

Currently, Shanghai Children’s Hospital has two campuses, one on West Beijing Road in downtown Jing’an District, and another on Luding Road in Putuo District. After completion of the new campus, the headquarters of the hospital will be relocated to Qingpu District.