Farm automation boosts leafy vegetable production in Chonggu Town 2022-08-11

Recently, CCTV news channel focused on Shanghai's efforts to promote the automation and intellectualization of vegetable production, and made a special report on efforts of Qingpu District's Chonggu Town to improve the mechanized production and intellectualization of green leafy vegetables.

In the vegetable planting base in Chonggu Town's Xinfeng Village, more than ten varieties of green leafy vegetables are mainly planted in the greenhouse all-year round. Daily management and protection rely on automatic agricultural machinery, such as automatic dosing machine, automatic ridging machine, automatic seeder and automatic harvester.

In the past, a greenhouse needed 10 people, but now it only needs one to two people, which not only reduces the planting cost, but also increases production and income. In the past, the average annual income of farmers was about 60,000 yuan (US$8,880) to 80,000 yuan, but now it has increased to 100,000 yuan to 120,000 yuan.

Shanghai has established 27 agricultural machinery vegetable planting demonstration bases. By the end of last year, the planting area was more than 9,600 mu, and the average mechanization rate had reached 64 percent.