8 Qingpu firms approved to become trading company headquarters 2022-08-16

Eight Qingpu enterprises were recently given the nod to be trading firm headquarters by the Hongqiao International Central Business District.

All of the eight are industrial leaders, including WM Motor, Deppon Express and Shanghai Zhonghao Knitting Co Ltd, a stocking producer.

Among the eight trading headquarters, one is a domestic retailer, two are international commodity traders and five are in the international service and logistics fields. The concentration of logistics companies can offer services to all kinds of trading headquarters in the Hongqiao CBD.

The total revenue of the eight headquarters was nearly 80 billion yuan (US$11.83 billion) last year, including two with revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan and five with revenue of over 5 billion yuan.

New trading types, such as cross-border e-commerce and offshore trade, are involved in the trading headquarters. For instance, YDH Express has developed into a cross-border logistics comprehensive operator with business of air transportation, sea transportation, express delivery and overseas warehousing.

In the next step, Qingpu District will help more trading enterprises to apply for trading headquarters status, offering more policy support and a good trading environment, officials said.

The Hongqiao CBD approved a total of 30 trading headquarters recently with a total revenue of 800 billion yuan.