Shanghai Sun Island 2021-06-03

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Shanghai Sun Island International Club ("Sun Island") is located in the ancient town of Zhu Jia Jiao in Qingpu District of Shanghai and sitting in Mao River of the upper stream of Huangpu River, 45 km away from the city center. Historical records show that there are people residing here since the Tang Dynasty and has been a tourism destination of the famous writers and poets such as Wang Anshi, Xu Xiake and Xu Xi, The Sun Island was developed by Singapore Yuan Li International Group in 1993 with an investment of 100 million US Dollars and was awarded in 1997 by Shanghai Construction Committee as one of the Top Ten Scenic Spots of Shanghai. It was rated as Five Star Resort by Interval International in 1997 and National AAAA Class Scenic Spot in 2002. The whole island takes up an area of 2400 Mu, 700 meters wide to the east, 4 km long from north to south and 10 km long around the island. A shuttle island is formed with Maohe River in the east and west, Lanlu Port and Taipu River around.  

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2588 Shentai Road, Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai