One-Day Trip to Learn the History of Revolution in Qingpu District (Route 2) 2018-06-23


Depart from the downtown of Shanghai at 8:00 a.m. and visit the New Fourth Army Memorial Plaza (Fushou Cemetery) to commemorate revolutionary martyrs and veterans of the New Fourth Army. Have lunch in the Loquat Orchard and tour in the loquat ecological orchard. After lunch, visit Qingpu Museum to learn about the history of Qingpu, the birthplace of Shanghai, and go back to the downtown of Shanghai.


The New Fourth Army Memorial Plaza (Fushou Cemetery)

October is the month of revolution for the New Fourth Army Memorial Plaza. Veterans of the New Fourth Army said that no matter where they are and what they do, they have a common name: The New Fourth Army. They call this day of commemoration as the Day of Returning to the Army, and the New Fourth Army Memorial Plaza in Fushou Cemetery is their Plaza of Returning. The plaza is applying for a National Scenic Spot currently, hoping to make more people know about the magnificent history of revolution and commemorate these brave soldiers. In the future, the New Fourth Army Memorial Plaza will not only be a place for martyrs to rest in peace, but also a memorial for days of war in the past and an immortal monument for inheriting national spirit!

Address: No. 7270, Waiqingsong Highway, Shanghai

Tel.: 021-69725233


Qingpu Museum

The history of Shanghai originated from the western region of the city. Qingpu Museum, situated at the Songze Plaza in Qingpu District, covers an area of 8,800 square meters. The museum is designed by Xing Tonghe, a famous architect of China. The main building of the museum consists of five intersecting ellipses, like a butterfly spreading its wings to fly, which symbolizes the landscape of Qingpu District. There are five areas in the main building; the central part is the main hall; the east wing and the south wing is the exhibition area; the west wing and the north wing is the area for office, reception and temporary exhibition. The new building takes audiovisual and electrical means and combines exhibition of relics with reconstruction of scenes, exquisite documents and photos and multimedia means of exhibition. By introducing ancient historical sites, e.g. sites of the Songze Culture and the Fuquanshan Site to visitors, the museum tries to help visitors know that Qingpu is the birthplace of ancient civilization of Shanghai.

Address: No. 1000, South Huaqing Road, Qingpu Town, Shanghai

Tel.: 021-69719900